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The Hellenic Phytopathological Society (HPS) is a non-profit professional and scientific organization which was founded in 1976 after an initiative of 26 scientists (founding members) that were involved in plant pathology. Today the society has 167 members - phytopathologists.

The aim of the Hellenic Phytopathological Society (HPS) is the promotion, research support and education in all fields of the science of Plant Pathology through a range of activities. The Society is more interested in the study and advancement of the science of Plant Pathology in Greece, the dissemination of research knowledge concerning biotic and abiotic plant diseases, the study of plant-pathogen interactions and the chemical and biological control of plant diseases.

Additionally, the Society is interested in collaborating with the corresponding international scientific Societies, Institutions, Universities and Foundations as well as the scientific promotion of the members of the society. The Society sponsors a biennial national Phytopathological Congress held in different cities throughout Greece. The conference provides a forum for plant pathologists to present their research and scientific work, exchange novel ideas, promote new research directions and transfer technology to the farmers.

The implementation of the goals of the Society is realized through:

  1. the study of phytopathological problems of the Greek Agriculture
  2. the organisation of National and International scientific conferences, meetings and public lectures where scientists and agronomists present papers, posters or other interesting synthetic projects and participate in round table discussions
  3. the publication of Phytopathological leaflets, newsletters, books etc.
  4. the scientific collaboration between Society’s members and relevant national or international scientific societies
  5. the study of special problems and submission of relative proposals and recommendations to the responsible Departments and Services of the Government
  6. advising the government, the press and the general public on current scientific and social topics, relevant to Plant Pathology
  7. every conducive legal method, as has been decided by the General Assembly of the Society’s members